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Phoenix, AZ: Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Visits Light Rail and Discusses Infrastructure

Former transportation secretary and current BAF co-chair Ray LaHood traveled to Phoenix, Arizona on March 31 to take a tour of the city's new light rail extension project and chat with local elected officials and business leaders about the importance of funding adequate infrastructure and transit at all levels of government.

Following these conversations and the light rail tour, LaHood also spoke to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce about his work in the Obama administration and the future of the transportation and infrastructure sector.


Infrastructure That Needs Investment

About 51% of the generating capacity of the US is in plants that were at least 30 years old at the end of 2010. Most gas-fired capacity is less than 10 years old, while 73% of all coal-fired capacity is 30 years or older.7 Moreover, nationally, 70% of transmission lines and power transformers are 25 years or older, while 60% of circuit breakers are more than 30 years old.

Meet the Co-Chairs

Ray LaHood
Former US Secretary of Transportation
Michael R. Bloomberg
Former Mayor, New York City
Edward G. Rendell
Former Governor

Member Spotlight

Rep. William F. Keller
Democratic Chair of the PA House Transportation Committee