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Corpus Christi Caller Times: Getting back to No. 1 — infrastructure


By Ray LaHood and Ed Rendell

November 2, 2017

Many people believe that America’s infrastructure is No. 1.  That used to be the case, but it is no more.  According to the World Economic Forum, the economic competitiveness of our infrastructure was indeed number one — in 2005. Today, we are ranked ninth, behind France and the Netherlands.

Miami Herald: Preparing for the new normal - different from the old


By Ed Rendell and James Lee Witt

October 10, 2017

As we write this, Hurricane Maria has just recently thrashed Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. And to make matters worse, it comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey dumping 11 trillion gallons of water on Texas’ Gulf Coast, and Hurricane Irma bringing catastrophic flooding and life-threatening winds that devastated substantial portions of Florida, including areas as geographically apart as the Keys and Jacksonville.

NY Daily News: How to get to yes on infrastructure


By Ed Rendell

July 2, 2017

I consider myself a strong, partisan Democrat, but I am an American first. As an American, I hope that the Trump administration and the Congress can come together and get things done. It is my belief that if the administration were to reach out to Democrats, many would respond in good faith to help resolve the problems facing our country.

American Infrastructure Magazine: Infrastructure Beyond Just Transportation


By Ed Rendell

June 14, 2017

It is almost an accepted fact that the American infrastructure is crumbling and desperately needs repair and revitalization. The public and members of the Congress, of both parties, are aware of this and will acknowledge that something must be done. Unfortunately, when you say infrastructure most American’s think mostly of roads, highways, and bridges. Although we need to take significant action to repair and revitalize our transportation network, our infrastructure needs go beyond transportation.

U.S. News & World Report: A Bigger, Better Plan for Trump


By Donna Cooper and Ed Rendell

June 9, 2017

U.S. News & World Report: Ray LaHood: Just a Start


By Ray LaHood

June 9, 2017

Relying solely on public-private partnerships to improve our infrastructure is like believing that a train can run without tracks. Public-private partnerships are important for saving our nation's infrastructure, but they're not enough. We need federal, direct funding, or our infrastructure will continue collapsing, causing irreparable damage to cities across the nation.

Washington Post Letter to the Editor: Raising the federal gas tax makes sense


By: Secretary Ray LaHood

June 4, 2017

Washington Post: Raising the federal gas tax makes sense


By: Hugh Hewitt

May 30, 2017

President Trump has returned to the White House to be met by a tax-reform effort in crisis. He can get it back on track by embracing a solution that is obvious and equitable — and that ought to be easy.

The Hill: We can't wait any longer to fix our nation's crumbling infrastructure


By Randi Weingarten and Former Gov. Ed Rendell (D-Penn)

May 19, 2017

The dire condition of our nation’s infrastructure cannot be overstated. National media attention has pulled back the curtain on the mounting frustration and unsafe conditions Americans experience daily. Congested airports, collapsed dams, crumbling bridges, derailed trains, and outdated schools are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Any infrastructure plan must include airports


By Ed Rendell, Chellie Cameron & Kevin M. Burke

May 18, 2017

Earlier this year, the American Society of Civil Engineers graded America's infrastructure a D-plus. Our roads are riddled with potholes, our trains and buses are overcrowded, and many of our ports are not deep enough to accept larger cargo ships.