Tuesday, September 14, 2010
News Roundup

Infrastructure in the News: September 14, 2010

Bloomberg reported that Japan offers California loan for a $40 billion high-speed train and according to MinnPost.com Trannsportation Chairman Jim Oberstar was pleased with Obama's transportation plan. More in this Infrastructure in the News.


National News

Time: Where Did the Transportation Stimulus Money Go?
Once upon a time, Republicans hated President Obama's stimulus package because it wasn't pouring enough money into infrastructure. In July, in front of a giant road sign covered in red tape, GOP Representatives complained that only 1% of the package's $48 billion for transportation had been spent.

MinnPost.com: Oberstar pleased with Obama's transportation plan, but is enough time left to pass it?
President Obama on Friday described his $50 billion transportation stimulus as an “advance” on a much larger six-year surface transportation bill currently being shepherded through the House by Transportation Chairman Jim Oberstar.

Infrastructurist: Transportation for America Director Supports Obama’s Infrastructure Plan
Within hours of President Obama’s remarks on infrastructure last week, talking heads in Washington immediately moved directly to debating whether his plan was “just more stimulus” and fodder for partisan politics — which really misses the point.

DC Streetsblog: Our Car-Based Environments Are Making Us Sick
Behind some of America’s most pressing health problems — obesity, diabetes, depression — there’s an often ignored culprit: a built environment that is hostile to active lifestyles.

State News

The Hill: Let’s stay on the road: President Obama’s infrastructure plan (Rep. John Garamendi)
Last month I hosted a town hall in Pleasant Hill, a city that I represent in Congress. Given the economic uncertainty in my region and throughout the nation, it will not surprise readers to learn that the state of our economy was at the top of most residents’ minds.

Bloomberg: Japan Offers California Loan for $40 Billion High-Speed Train
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rode one of Japan’s fastest trains today after the nation’s transport minister offered loans to support the state’s more than $40 billion high-speed rail project.

News Junkie: Gas Pipe Killer Inferno: A Symbol Of Our Crumbling Infrastructure
...This tragedy which is currently under investigation from state and federal authorities, should be a two folds wake-up call. Firstly, it is another reminder that America’s infrastructure, including bridges, highways, electrical grids and utilities such as water and natural gas is falling apart. Secondly, the San Bruno’s tragedy proves, once again, that relying on non renewable energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas has deadly consequences.

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