Thursday, September 16, 2010
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Infrastructure in the News: September 16, 2010

Tampa Tribune reported that a light-rail route between Tampa International Airport and downtown could become operational 3 years earlier than projected and according to CNC the lack of Congressional infrastructure focus frustrates transportation officials. More in this Infrastructure in the News.


National News

Infrastructurist: Is the National Infrastructure Bank a Slam-Dunk Win?
The Obama administration has officially put its weight behind the creation of the long-discussed National Infrastructure Bank. So will the formation of the bank save American infrastructure? We’ve gathered a few opinions on the matter.

Atlantic: Would a National Infrastructure Bank Help?
At this point, many people, including former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan, argue that the stimulus spending wasn't administered as effectively as it might have been. For such an enormous amount of spending, more jobs were expected to be created. And while some, including President Obama, have proposed more stimulus spending, any further expenditures must be more effective. The question is even less whether more infrastructure jobs might be good for the economy than whether the government can be trusted to administer the associated spending. Felix Rohatyn, special advisor to the CEO of Lazard Frères & Co. LLC suggests something that might help in a Wall Street Journal op-ed today: why not create a national infrastructure bank? Oberstar pleased with Obama's transportation plan, but is enough time left to pass it?
President Obama on Friday described his $50 billion transportation stimulus as an “advance” on a much larger six-year surface transportation bill currently being shepherded through the House by Transportation Chairman Jim Oberstar.

CNC: Lack of Congressional Infrastructure Focus Frustrates Transportation Officials
Although Republicans are savaging the Obama proposal for a $50 billion infrastructure upgrade bill, transportation leaders in states across the country are very interested in the idea. Manuel Quinones has more from Capitol Hill.

ALT 8 Top Transportation Showdowns Of 2010
...Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to give bikes the same rights as cars, Senate Republicans will fight any climate bill legislation that comes their way, electric cars attempt to squeeze out their gas counterparts and Michael Bloomberg will do everything in his power to give New York back to its pedestrians. While the fights aren’t always evenly-matched, they’re always entertaining. Here is our Alt8 Top Transportation Showdowns of 2010.

State News

Tampa Tribune: Light rail may get on early schedule
A light-rail route between Tampa International Airport and downtown could be operational by 2015 - three years early - under a scenario the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority would consider if county voters approve a sales tax increase on Nov. 2.

DC Streetsblog: The Unnatural Demise (and Possible Revival) of the Baltimore Streetcar
Unless you happen to stumble over the occasional wayward track protruding from asphalt, it’s difficult to tell today that the city of Baltimore was once home to an extensive streetcar system. In the late 1920s, however, over 400 miles of lines formed a latticework over the city, making virtually every corner accessible within a half hour trip.

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