Friday, September 16, 2011
News Roundup

Infrastructure in the News: September 16, 2011


Streetsblog Network: Looking to Root Out Transportation Waste? Try Highways to Nowhere 

For those who value the freedom to occasionally venture outside their own property on foot and maybe even do a little back-and-forth on their bike, this week Senator Tom Coburn is public enemy number one. Coburn is the hold-out preventing a clean, six-month extension of the transportation bill. The Republican from Oklahoma has zeroed in on the 1.5 percent of transportation spending that funds bike and pedestrian programs, threatening to hold up the whole bill unless that portion is stripped out.



Atlanta Business Chronicle: Public-private deals could fund infrastructure 

As the 21st century unfolds, metro Atlanta is faced with daunting infrastructure challenges and equally challenging financial constraints. Resolving the dilemma of how to pay for desperately needed improvements may require a range of solutions from tax increases to public- private partnerships, experts say.


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