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Greenville, SC: Overcoming the Failure to Act: Investing in Transportation & Infrastructure

As the Upstate region continues to grow from 1.4 million residents today to a projected 1.62 million in 2030, ensuring proper transportation and infrastructure that supports business and employment growth while continuing to get people and freight from place to place is crucial.

Like many areas across the country, the Upstate region has struggled with the challenges associated with maintaining and improving transportation and infrastructure programs. How to Overcome the Failure to Act is a topic being debated not just in South Carolina, but in communities all over the country.

During the first Our Upstate Vision Forum of 2015, Ed Rendell, the former two-term Governor of the State of Pennsylvania and co-chair of the national organization Building America's Future, provided insight into why it is crucial to move past the politics and work collaboratively to ensure that South Carolina and the rest of the United States is positioned to maintain and grow its place as a global economic power.

The forum also included a presentation from the American Society of Civil Engineers focused on the benefits of investing in a robust multimodal infrastructure network, including roads, bridges, and public transportation, and the ramifications of not doing so. Completing the program will be examples of current Upstate efforts that are working to reduce traffic congestion and support transportation programs in the region.

Additional video from the forum can be viewed here.

Additional pictures from the forum can be viewed on Facebook.