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Our infrastructure—and the good policymaking that built it—is a key reason America became an economic superpower. But many of the great decisions, which put us on that trajectory, are now a half-century old. In the last decade, our global economic competitors have led the way in planning and building the transportation networks of the 21st century. Countries around the world have not only started investing more than the United States does today, but they made those financial commitments—of both public and private dollars—on the basis of 21st-century strategies that will equip them to make commanding strides in economic growth over the next 20-25 years.  According to the World Economic Forum, the economic competitiveness of America's infrastructure was ranked as number one in the world.  Today our infrastructure is ranked number 13.

Unless we make significant changes in our course and direction, our foreign competitors will pass us by, and a real opportunity to restore America’s economic strength will be lost. The American people deserve better.

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