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Secretary LaHood on the Supply Chain Crisis

News Roundup
Former Trans­portation Sec. Ray LaHood says supply chain issue not ending anytime soon By Mitch Perry Tampa Nov. 05, 2021 

TAMPA, Fla. — Ray LaHood, the former Transportation Secretary during President Barack Obama’s first term in office, said Friday in Tampa that the current global supply chain disruption won’t get under control in the U.S. until sometime in early to mid-2022.

Secretary LaHood on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

News Roundup

On September 21, 2021, Secretary LaHood spoke with guest host Elliott Williams on the Julie Mason Mornings show on Sirius/XM's POTUS.  The discussion focused on the bipartisan infrastructure bill currently awaiting action by the House of Representatives.  Listen to the interview here.

BAF Infrastructure Week 2021 Highlights

News Roundup

The 9th annual United for Infrastructure: A Week to Champion America's Infrastructure took place May 10-14th, 2021.  While the name has been rebranded, the mission has remained the same.  The Week continues to be an opportunity to educate policymakers, the media and general public about the critical importance of infrastructure to our nation's economic competitiveness and quality of life.  As a proud member of United for Infrastructure's Steering Committee, Building America's Future has played an important role in shaping the theme and message of the Week.

Governor Rendell and Secretary LaHood News Clips on the American Jobs Plan

News Roundup

On March 31, 2021 President Biden unveiled his $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan.  In response, Building America's Future issued a press release and Governor Rendell and Secretary LaHood sat for numerous media interviews to provide their further reactions to the President's massive and visionary infrastructure proposal.

Secretary LaHood on Transportation During the Pandemic

News Roundup

On July 13, 2020, Secretary LaHood spoke with WBUR about his thoughts on transportation in the era of COVID-19.  The interview was on NPR's Here and Now with Jeremy Hobson.  Listen to the interview here.

Tampa Bay Business Journal: Tampa International calls for infrastructure investment as it showcases future international airside

News Roundup

By Frances McMorris
May 15, 2018

Tampa International Airport showed off the future site of its 16-gate Airside D, the third phase of its master plan expansion, as part of an event on Tuesday to mark Infrastructure Week.

Infrastructure in the News 6.20.17

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The Economist: Taking flight

Infrastructure in the News 6.19.2017

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WTOP: Md. leaders working on their own Metro funding plan (Sec. LaHood Mentioned)

A group of Maryland lawmakers are working on their own proposals for major changes to Metro that would be required before the transit agency gets any more dedicated taxpayer dollars.



Infrastructure in the News 6.15.17

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American Infrastructure Magazine: Infrastructure Beyond Just Transportation (Opinion piece by Gov. Rendell)

Infrastructure in the News 6.14.17

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NPR: Scant Framework in Trump's Infrastructure Plan (Gov. Rendell Interviewed)

After infrastructure week, Edward Rendell, the 45th Governor of Pennsylvania, talks about what's in the president's plan to fix the nation's "crumbling" infrastructure, a plan which critics say is scant in details.