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The Hill: The strategy Biden needs to pass his infrastructure plan

By Ed Rendell

April 7, 2021

Fortune: It's time to invest in infrastructure like the economy depends on it

By Ray LaHood and Jean-Louis Briaud

March 25, 2021

Infrastructure has been underfunded for many years and the consequences are very clear - people forced to go without power, heat, and water, or a whole town affected when a bridge collapses, a dam breaks, or transit fails.

We continue to ignore the inadequacies of our infrastructure at our own peril. For too long, policymakers and elected officials eschewed needed investment, leaving our built networks to suffer—everything from capacity challenges to inadequate maintenance budgets.

The Hill: It happened again: Voters are sick and tired of bad roads

By Ed Rendell/Co-Chair, Building America’s Future

December 18, 2019

Now that the votes from November’s off-year elections have been tallied and the results analyzed, one thing is clear: It happened again.  

Transport Topics: Opinion: A Future for Highway Funding


By Ed Rendell and Ray LaHood | Co-chaires, Buliding America's Future
May 22, 2018

The expansive infrastructure networks that were built in the 20th century have served our nation well. As America’s economy grew, people and goods continued to move across the country, and the quality of life for all our citizens continued to improve. But in recent years, our infrastructure has been neglected and underfunded as policymakers in Washington have ignored the decay and disrepair of our roads, bridges and transit systems.

The Hill: Congress needs to turn to local leaders to fix our infrastructure


By Marcia Hale
May 11, 2018 

The Hill: Don’t forget the state of the Metro this SOTU


By Marcia Hale

January 25, 2018

NY Post: Yes, a new Hudson train tunnel is a national need


By Ed Rendell 

January 25, 2018

Gridlock, delayed trains, rising tempers and frayed nerves. Sound familiar? If you are a traveler along the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington, DC, you know too well the frustrations and delays associated with trying to get into and out of Manhattan.

But government officials who don’t ride the route should be frustrated, too — the system’s failures are a major economic drag.

Newsweek: Can Trump Make His Infrastructure Plan a Bipartisan Reality?


By Ray LaHood

January 3, 2018

Messy commutes, dilapidated bridges and major delays are just some of the headlines that Americans have gotten used to seeing on a daily basis. Solutions to these challenges are within our grasp, but it’s going to take both parties and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue working together to make the hard choices.

The News & Observer: Airport infrastructure needs renovation


By Michael Landguth and Ed Rendell

December 28, 2017

There has been much talk in Washington about the need to invest in our nation’s failing infrastructure but few tangible steps have been taken so far to prioritize and fund infrastructure projects that will keep the United States globally competitive.

Providence Journal: Smart investment in R.I. jobs


December 12, 2017

By Iftikhar Ahmad and Ed Rendell

While there has been a lot of talk in Washington and around the country about needing to invest in our nation’s failing infrastructure, few tangible steps have been taken so far to actually make infrastructure investment a national priority.