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The Hill: Modernizing America’s airports a critical step to modernizing our aviation network


By Kevin M. Burke and Gov. Ed Rendell


Modernizing America’s aviation network is about what happens in the sky and on the ground. While more needs to be done to modernize our air traffic navigation system, we can’t forget that every trip through the skies starts and ends in an airport. So what happens on the ground is critical to meeting the demands of increasing air travel. 

Governing: Why Are We Letting Our Infrastructure Fall to Pieces?


By Ray LaHood


I'll admit it: I was shocked when I read that the Washington, D.C., region's Metro rail system might be facing line closures for up to six months at a time to make critical, long-neglected safety repairs. Fortunately, Metro has since walked that idea back. But just the prospect of a major transit system having to take such a drastic step is emblematic of what can happen when critical maintenance is put off and investment in our public infrastructure does not keep pace with needs.

Bloomberg Government: Back to the future: Driverless cars are the next big thing


By Ray LaHood


Imagine a world where you can summon a ride with the swipe of a finger and cars can drive themselves. For many people, these ideas would have seemed far-fetched even five years ago. Yet, you don’t have to summon up images of Marty McFly and his DeLorean time machine: the future is already here. Across the world, companies like Uber and Lyft have taken cities by storm, turning over the traditional notions of on-demand rides. Now, driverless cars promise to be the next big thing in transportation innovation – and they’ll be on a road near you sooner than you think.

Providence Journal: Rhode Island should support RhodeWorks


By Ray Lahood


America’s infrastructure made this country great. But for too long our roads and bridges have been neglected and fallen into disrepair. America stopped investing in itself when it stopped investing in its infrastructure. Other countries are running laps around us in terms of infrastructure investment, because they understand that building roads, bridges, high-speed rail and modern airports is an investment in their own people and in their economic competitiveness. We’ve lost that vision here.

The Courier-Journal: A Nation of Potholes


By Ray LaHood


If Halloween is days away, winter must be lurking right around the corner. Once the temperature goes below freezing at night and then warms up when the sun is out, the “freeze-thaw cycle” begins to create potholes and worsen road conditions. This is not just a phenomenon in Louisville – winter and terrible road conditions are a problem in almost every community across the country. The nation is one big pothole. And it is costing you more money than you probably realize.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Imagine a Day Without Water


By Howard Neukrug and Edward G. Rendell


If you read something about Philadelphia's infrastructure falling apart, you probably picture potholes in the road and rusted-out bridges that need to be replaced. But that is just the infrastructure you can easily see every day. There is a whole universe of it under our feet that, in many places, is much older than the roads we drive on.

The Hill: America’s Pothole — the Highway Trust Fund


By Rep. Tom Rice (R-S.C.) and former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood


Providence Journal: Crucial to fix R.I. bridges


By Ed Rendell 


As a former two-term mayor of Philadelphia and two-term governor of Pennsylvania, I’m keenly aware of the challenges cities and states face in rebuilding their roads and bridges.

In 2008, during my second term as governor, two contractors from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation stopped to get a sausage sandwich; they parked their cars under a bridge along Route 95 in Philadelphia.

Time: Ray LaHood: Congress Is Pushing Our Infrastructure to the Point of Disaster


By Ray LaHood


The Amtrak tragedy is the result of a systematic transportation infrastructure crisis.

The nation’s transportation systems connect families, friends, and businesses across the nation. Transportation and freight networks support commuters and family vacations, the movement of consumer goods and exports. So when transportation systems are struck by a terrible tragedy, it is part of everyone’s lives.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Highway Trust Fund is Running on Empty


By Ray LaHood


The cost of everything has gone up over the past 21 years. If you wanted to go see Cardinals slugger Mark Whiten hit one out the park in 1993 the average ticket price was $15. Today you would pay on average $32 to see Adam Wainwright strike out another batter. The average cost of a movie ticket was $4.00 and today it is three times as much. Back then you could buy a gallon of gasoline for $1.11 while today it is $3.50.