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The Hill: Turbulence Ahead


By Ed Rendell and Roger Dow


Delayed flights. Congested highways. Trains that crawl instead of speeding to their destinations. These hassles and annoyances are standard practice when it comes to travel in America. These are not just anecdotes – recent studies have shown evidence that gridlock is the new normal.

The Wichita Eagle: Loss of Highway Funding Would Hurt Kansas


By Ray LaHood and Ed Rendell


If you tried to survive today on the compensation you received 20 years ago, you would be facing dire economic hardships. Inflation affects all sectors of the economy, yet America’s gas tax has not yet caught up to this reality.

Since 1993, the gas tax has been firmly set at 18.4 cents per gallon. In inflation-adjusted terms, the gas tax has lost a third of its purchasing power and is worth only 11.5 cents today.

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: National Transportation Fund is Running on Empty


By Ray Lahood And Ed Rendell


The cost of just about everything over the past 21 years has gone up. In 1993, you would have paid on average $12 to go see Hall of Famer Robin Yount catch a fly ball. Today, if you wanted to go see Carlos Gomez hit one out of the park, it would set you back $24. The cost of a first-class stamp has risen from 29 cents to 49 cents.

The Courier Journal: Congress Must Fund Highways


By Ray LaHood and Ed Rendell


Imagine if you had to live today on the same salary you made in 1993. The cost of everything has gone up, but your paycheck can’t keep up. If you went to see one of the most popular movies in 1993 — “Schindler’s List” — your ticket cost $4. Today a movie costs three times as much. Back then, you bought a gallon of milk for $2.85, but today it costs $3.55. And gasoline averaged $1.11 a gallon in 1993, while today it is $3.50.

The Hill: We Need Courage, Vision to Build for America’s Future


By Ray LaHood


It wasn’t that long ago that the economic competitiveness of America’s transportation and infrastructure systems was ranked first in the world.

Now, the French are beating us when it comes to the quality of our roads. Barbados can brag that it has a better aviation system. And the ports in Bahrain win hands down over ours.

Denver Post: Investing in Infrastructure Matters


By Kelly J. Brough and Ed Rendell


How much thought do you give to infrastructure? If you are like most, we don't give it a second thought until something goes wrong — a bridge collapses, the electric grid fails, or a water main bursts. The recent floods have brought this reality home to Coloradans as our friends and neighbors struggle to recover from one of the worst natural disasters in our history.

USA Today: I'm STUCK! In Traffic


By Ed Rendell


There's an app to send citizens to the right people to pressure for infrastructure improvements.

Imagine this scenario. You are a little late picking up your child from day care, you rush out of your office and run straight into a massive traffic jam. Sitting behind the wheel, you fume, and you worry.

It's times like these that you wish there was something you could do. Well, now there is.

The Oklahoman: Oklahoma City Mayor, former Pennsylvania Governor: Infrastructure at a Crossroads


By Mick Cornett and Ed Rendell


Mention the word “infrastructure” and you'll likely see eyes glaze over. However, Americans expect the lights to go on, for clean water to come from the tap and to reliably get from point A to point B. Well-functioning infrastructure is at the core of modern daily life.

Investments in infrastructure haven't kept pace with the demands of our 21st-century economy. In fact, federal investments in roads, bridges and transit have remained flat in recent years.

Reuters: Rebuilding our Economic Backbone


By Ed Rendell

02/11/ 13

We’re getting beat by Estonia.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the tiny state on the Baltic Sea. But the nation that built the Hoover Dam, pioneered the Interstate Highway System and created the best aviation system in the world, is rapidly sliding toward the bottom of the list when it comes to infrastructure.

The HIll: We Need Long Term Strategy for Investment in our Infrastructure


By Former Gov. Ed. Rendell (D-Pa.), co-chair, Buidling America's Future