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Buddy Dyer is the dean of Florida’s “big-city” mayors, having served Orlando’s residents since 2003. Under Orlando’s Strong-Mayor form of government, Mayor Dyer serves as the City’s chief executive and also helps govern and oversee the operations and growth of its city-owned utility and the Orlando International and Executive Airports.

During his time in office, Mayor Dyer has worked relentlessly to advance the community’s shared vision for Orlando as the “Next Great American City.”

Mayor Dyer’s commitment to bolstering police protection helped bring about the most dramatic reduction in crime in Orlando history. His commitment to the safety of residents has also helped make the Orlando Fire Department one of the most elite departments in the entire country. The Orlando Fire Department has an “ISO Rating” of 1, meaning they are one of the top 50 fire departments in America out of more than 55-thousand departments.

Mayor Dyer is leading the effort to diversify Central Florida’s economy and create a new breed of high-tech, high-wage careers for residents in cutting edge industries such as digital media, life sciences and biotechnology, modeling, simulation and training, and aviation and aerospace.

Mayor Dyer is a fierce advocate for the expansion of public mass-transit and for creating more walkable, livable communities. Through his leadership, Orlando has become the epicenter of America’s “Rail Renaissance” and will soon be home to the nation’s first high speed rail line as well as the region’s first-ever commuter rail system called SunRail. Mayor Dyer has become a national voice for America’s cities in advancing the need for a nationwide high speed rail network.

Mayor Dyer also engineered one of the most remarkable downtown resurgences anywhere in the country, anchored by the creation of world-class sports, arts and entertainment venues for the City’s residents and visitors.

While Orlando’s accomplishments under Mayor Dyer’s leadership fall under a broad range of categories, each has a common element; they were made possible because of the power of partnership.

Since his first day in office, Mayor Dyer has fought to increase cooperation and partnership between Central Florida’s many governments, its business and civic communities and its residents. The result of this effort is a new era of collaboration that has paved the way for a string of remarkable, “game changing” accomplishments for greater Orlando in a very short period of time and has set the City on course for a more prosperous future.

Prior to being Mayor, Buddy Dyer served for a decade in the Florida Senate. His colleagues elected him as their Democratic Senate Leader, a position he held for three years.

Mayor Dyer earned his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Brown University and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida College of Law, where he was Editor-In-Chief of the University of Florida Law Review and a member of the prestigious Florida Blue Key organization. He graduated with honors and received the highest score on the Florida Bar Exam that year.

Before he chose to serve in public office, Mayor Dyer worked as an environmental engineer. He has also practiced law for more than 20 years. He often calls upon this dynamic professional background to serve the residents of Orlando. Where other elected leaders may only focus on the “big picture” or one specific area of expertise, Mayor Dyer has been able to create broad shared visions for projects and policies while also playing a key role in the technical, legislative or legal process that is necessary to make them a reality.

Mayor Dyer was born in Orlando and raised in nearby Kissimmee. He and his wife Karen, an attorney, have two sons, Trey and Drew. When not in the office, the Mayor relishes his “other jobs” coaching little league or flag football for his sons’ teams.

Mayor Dyer's official page can be found here.