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Former Representative Candace Bouchard, a Democrat from Concord, served 8 terms in the House. She represented Merrimack County District 18 which includes Concord's Wards, 4, 8,9, and 10. For two terms, 2007-2010, former Representative Bouchard was chairman of the House Public Works and Highways Committee and the Capital Budget Overview Committee. She is a former member of the Court Accreditation Commission, the Employee Relations Committee, Governor's Capital Budget Advisory Committee, and the Performance Audit and Oversight Committee.  Bouchard was a member of the NH Legislative Sportsman Caucus, and chaired the NH Legislative Reproductive Rights Caucus. Additionally for three terms, from 2005-2010, she was chairman of the Merrimack County Delegation.  Bouchard attended New Hampshire Technical Institute and currently works for Heritage Case Management. She has been married 25 years and  has one son.