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Mayor Coleman became the 45th mayor of Saint Paul on January 3, 2006 and served three terms. While Mayor, he worked to change the tone of City government through inclusion, accessibility to residents, and bringing people together around the goal of making Saint Paul the Most Livable City in America.

Mayor Coleman worked to create a better economic environment, engaging the best in business, community development, government, and transportation to create corridors of opportunity that changed the face of Saint Paul. At the center of this agenda was construction of light rail transit in the Central Corridor. Mayor Coleman and other visionaries see light rail as a component of an economic development and community revitalization effort that will make the Capital City the spine of a multimodal transportation system for the East Metro region.

Mayor Coleman was a strong advocate for police, fire, and emergency management services, committed to building world-class departments that set the standard for service to residents and community. His dedication to public safety was matched by his commitment to protecting the environment where residents live, work, and play, honoring the Mississippi River as the lifeblood of the historic river city and creating new opportunities for people to experience the soul of Saint Paul through its theaters, clubs, museums, parks, and libraries.

Through all his efforts to serve Saint Paul’s children and residents, Mayor Coleman was committed to fiscal responsibility. Measuring value by return on investment, he worked in partnership with the City Council to consolidate and improve city services despite devastating cuts in state aid. 

Mayor Coleman is one of seven kids born in a classic Saint Paul Irish-American family. After attending St. Luke’s, he graduated from Cretin High School and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. His mother, Bridget, grew up on University and Farrington and was a business owner of an Irish imports store while raising Chris and his six brothers and sisters. His father, Nick, Sr., born and raised in Frogtown, championed human rights, justice and progressive causes as Majority Leader of the Minnesota Senate. Mayor Coleman and his wife, Connie, live on the West Side with their two children who both attend Saint Paul public schools.