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Kevin Davis was the first Parish President to serve under St. Tammany’s Home Rule Charter.  When he took office in January 2000, Kevin succeeded in bringing sound business practices to St. Tammany.  For the first time, St. Tammany Parish produced a comprehensive annual financial report and received an unqualified, or clean, audit.  

Major improvements have been made in drainage and more projects are in the planning stages.  He mapped our watersheds to provide models for safe future development.  Kevin was nick-named the “Road Warrior” for his aggressive lobbying of state government to improve state roads in St. Tammany.  

The Office of Emergency Preparedness system has been modernized to insure better response during hurricanes and other emergencies.  The parish has obtained millions of dollars from FEMA to raise homes above flood level.  

The Parish also reduced the number of boards and commissions, created a litter abatement program, and created an office to coordinate the efforts of the numerous social service agencies in St. Tammany.  Kevin worked closely with the mosquito abatement district, as well as state and federal agencies, to prevent the spread of the West Nile virus in our community. 

Kevin also expanded the services that make St. Tammany a great community including the creation of the St. Tammany Arts Commission, the expansion of the Tammany Trace, which Kevin originally envisioned, expanded Animal Services, and the New Directions 2025 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan for the parish.

Kevin has been honored by dozens of St. Tammany organizations, from STARC to the Economic Development Foundation.