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Born in 1963, Martin O’Malley spent his childhood in Bethesda and Rockville, learning about the fundamental importance of public service from his parents, Tom and Barbara O’Malley.  He attended the University of Maryland School of Law, and later became Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, a member of the Baltimore City Council, and eventually Mayor of Baltimore City. 

Martin O’Malley is a fearless, intelligent public servant.  As Mayor of Baltimore City, he helped bring communities together to build a safer, cleaner and healthier city.  As Governor of the State of Maryland, he applied his knowledge, experience and energy to making State government work again for the people. Martin O’Malley’s administration was credited with “accomplishing more in one year than most administrations accomplish in four,” and he is driven by a belief that all citizens share certain core values and goals.

Martin and his wife Katie, a District Court Judge, have two daughters, Grace and Tara, and two sons William and Jack. They are members of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.