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On January 29, 2009, Pat Quinn was sworn in as the 41st Governor of the State of Illinois. Governor Quinn has served the people of Illinois for more than a quarter of a century - both as a citizen and a public official. He has organized grassroots petition drives signed by more than four million voters; walked across the state in support of decent healthcare for all; proposed historic tax reform for working families; increased consumer protections; and given Illinois’ residents a strong voice in government.

Job creation was one of former Governor Quinn’s top priorities. He passed Illinois Jobs Now! - the state’s first capital plan in over a decade. The plan will invest $31 billion in Illinois’ economy, creating and retaining more than 439,000 jobs over six years.

As Governor, Quinn focused on restoring ethics to state government. During his tenure he passed a constitutional amendment to allow recall of a Governor and signed into law the first ever limits on campaign contributions in Illinois.

Former Governor Quinn is an advocate for consumers, taxpayers, and servicemembers and their families. He has spearheaded countless initiatives that foster a cleaner environment and encourage economic development in historic business districts and rural communities. Quinn has rallied residents to support the Illinois Military Family Relief Fund, which he created in 2003 to support our servicemembers and veterans.

Governor Quinn served as State Treasurer from 1991 through 1995. His Linked Deposit program helped more than 25,000 Illinois families and businesses obtain $2 billion in bank loans to support affordable housing, small business expansion and agriculture. A longtime consumer advocate, Governor Quinn launched the 1983 drive to create the Citizens Utility Board, an organization that supports safe, reliable and affordable utility service.

In 1976, Governor Quinn led the largest petition drive in state history, ending the century-old practice of allowing Illinois legislators to collect their entire salary on their first day in office. In 1980, he organized the Cutback Amendment to reduce the size of the Illinois General Assembly — the first and only Illinois constitutional amendment ever adopted by citizen initiative.

Patt Quinn was born in Hinsdale and graduated from Fenwick High School, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and Northwestern University School of Law. He was elected commissioner of the Cook County Board of (Tax) Appeals in 1982, served as the City of Chicago's revenue director and was a member of a local school council.  Quinn has two sons.