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Ray Burton is a native of New Hampshire and has lived his entire life in the northern region of this state. He deeply understands the lifestyle and character of Northern New Hampshire residents. 

After attending Bath Village School for his early years of education, Ray attended Woodsville High School in the late 1950’s. Upon graduation in the spring of 1958, he attended Plymouth State College (now Plymouth State University) where he earned his B.Ed. in 1962. After a short tenure in the Andover and Warren New Hampshire School Districts as a teaching principal, Ray began to pursue a career in politics.

He served as Sergeant at Arms for the New Hampshire House of Representatives and the State Senate from 1967-1968. During this time, his interest in politics was transformed from a mere aspiration, to the beginning of a lifelong dedication to service through government. His first elected position came in 1977 when he was elected to the Executive Council for a two-year term. After a brief hiatus during 1980, he was re-elected to the Executive Council and has served each term since 1981. Burton also serves as a member of the Governor’s Highway Advisory Commission.

Councilman Chair Ray Burton's official page can be found here.