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Building America’s Future Criticizes Decreased Transportation Funding Levels in the Continuing Resolution

WASHINGTON, DC – March 6, 2013 - Building America’s Future today expressed concern that the surface transportation funding levels in the Continuing Resolution being considered by Congress are not adequate to meet the infrastructure needs of our country.  BAF believes that the lack of proper funding is the result of a failure to develop a long-term solution to our nation’s transportation and infrastructure needs. Specifically, BAF noted that the decreased funding levels in the Continuing Resolution appear to be an unfortunate consequence of the decision made last year by Congress to move further away from user-generated revenues to fund the most recent surface transportation bill, MAP-21.  In order to maintain level funding from SAFETEA-LU, MAP-21 relied on a mix of user-generated gas tax revenues, an $18.8 billion transfer from the General Fund, and other assorted tax changes. 


“Building America’s Future applauded the passage of MAP-21 last year and the important policy reforms it included.  However, we also noted our disappointment that the bill did not identify a long-term sustainable funding source that is paid for by the users of the transportation system,” said Marcia Hale, President of Building America’s Future. “By continuing the increased reliance on General Fund transfers to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, Congress opened the door to the surface transportation funding reductions in today’s Continuing Resolution. Decisions have consequences, and as the new Congress begins to develop the next surface transportation bill, we hope they will identify a sustainable long-term revenue stream that is user generated.”