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Don’t Get stuck in a Holiday Jam – Download I’m Stuck

By Kerry O’Hare, Vice President and Director of Policy, Building America’s Future

December 14, 2017

It’s that time of the year again, when we are surrounded by bright lights and bustling. I’m not talking about the many Americans rushing to complete their holiday shopping or the beautiful light displays making our communities glow. I’m talking about brake lights in traffic. I’m talking about overcrowded public transit. I’m talking about airport delays.

According to AAA, the 2017 year-end holiday travel is expected to increase 3.1 percent to 107.3 million travelers. If this proves to be true, it would be the highest year-end holiday travel volume – ever. More specifically, 97.4 million travelers are expected to hit the roadways and air travel is expected to increase to 6.4 million Americans.

Despite all of the holiday cheer at this time of the year, tempers can be short and frustration can abound when travelers get stuck in traffic or the runway. Instead of letting your frustration about these delays get the best of you, download and use our free mobile app called I’m Stuck. Available for download on Apple or Android devices, I’m Stuck will let you send an e-mail to your Member of Congress or U.S. Senator, urging them to support a long-term infrastructure plan. Over 15,000 such messages have been sent to Congress. So, before you hit the road, get on an airplane, or climb aboard a crowded train – take along I’m Stuck and let Congress know that it’s time to fix America’s infrastructure.