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Infrastructure in the News 6.15.17



American Infrastructure Magazine: Infrastructure Beyond Just Transportation (Opinion piece by Gov. Rendell)

It is almost an accepted fact that the American infrastructure is crumbling and desperately needs repair and revitalization. The public and members of the Congress, of both parties, are aware of this and will acknowledge that something must be done. Unfortunately, when you say infrastructure most American’s think mostly of roads, highways, and bridges. Although we need to take significant action to repair and revitalize our transportation network, our infrastructure needs go beyond transportation.


Washington Post: Region’s governments: Metro needs dedicated funding, but everything else is TBD (Sec. LaHood’s Metro report mentioned)

Washington-area governments on Wednesday endorsed the goal of dedicated funding for Metro but could not agree on key questions, including how much money the agency needs or how to raise it.


Barron’s: Michael Bloomberg Praises China, Pans Trump On Climate Change (Mayor Bloomberg quoted about infrastructure)

It has never been more important for the United States and China to work together on common goals, Bloomberg founder and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a small audience including Chinese government officials assembled at the Asia Society in New York Wednesday.




Fortune: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Uber Is Trying to Do Everything in Transportation

Uber Technologies has pursued a slew of businesses beyond taxi service to augment growth. Its ambitions run the gamut from motorcycles to flying cars.


Washington Post: Gasoline prices likely to remain low - for now at least

Oil prices continue to lag despite efforts by supply-giants Saudi Arabia and Russia to reduce a stubborn glut in world supplies. That’s good news for U.S. drivers looking for affordable gas prices this summer — but not so great for oil companies who rely on robust prices to boost profits.


Market Watch: Tesla should brace for ‘serious competition’ from Apple in driverless cars: Morgan Stanley

Tesla Inc.’s lead in driverless-car technology would not be enough to insulate the Silicon Valley car maker from head-on competition with Apple Inc., analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a note Wednesday.


Science Daily: The future of our cities: Engineers test resilient, intelligent infrastructure

Like many of today's household devices, modern infrastructure is gaining the ability to collect and exchange valuable data using wireless devices that monitor the health of buildings and bridges, for example, in real time. But wireless systems for underground infrastructure, such as utility pipelines, are much more difficult to test in the field, especially during rare and extreme events such as earthquakes.


Reuters: U.S. Airline Passenger Complaints Jump 70 Percent After Incidents

U.S. airline passenger complaints leapt 70 percent in April from a year earlier after a series of high-profile incidents including a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight, the government said on Wednesday.


InForum: Opinion: White House focus on infrastructure collaboration is refreshing

Infrastructure is the bedrock of our communities, our economy in North Dakota and the entire nation.



Washington Post: Maryland to ask judge to allow Purple Line to proceed while court fight continues

Maryland’s Attorney General is expected to argue before a federal judge Thursday that the state will suffer “irreparable” financial harm unless the Purple Line project is allowed to proceed while a court battle over the light-rail proposal continues.


Washington Post: Opinion: D.C. already has a workable alternative to MetroAccess

The June 11 Metro article “On MetroAccess, long waits and trips for elderly, disabled” laid out the shortcomings of MetroAccess, the D.C. area’s paratransit service for people with disabilities. The District already has a workable alternative: Transport DC, which could serve as a model for an area-wide paratransit service. It already has proved itself on a limited basis to be cheaper, more convenient and reliable, and could replace much of the existing MetroAccess infrastructure. Through licensed taxicabs, Transport DC provides subsidized transportation by cab to anyone registered for MetroAccess throughout the District.


Bloomberg: New York Speeds Up Road Projects Ahead of Penn Station Work

Governor Andrew Cuomo is accelerating construction on New York bridges and tunnels so the work is complete before Amtrak begins emergency repairs at Pennsylvania Station next month.


Salt Lake Tribune: Request for transportation and transit reform ideas bring flood of proposals — including state takeover of UTA

A new state task force was deluged Wednesday with suggestions for what its co-chairman says may be "big major changes" coming for how transportation in Utah is governed and financed.


The Detroit News: Michigan budget deal adds $35M for infrastructure

Gov. Rick Snyder and Republican legislative leaders have agreed to deposit $35 million into a statewide infrastructure fund and $150 million into a “rainy day” savings fund as part of a final budget deal for fiscal year 2018.


The Oregonian: Massive transportation budget is too small, says transit workers' union

Oregon's largest public transit union has come out in strong opposition to lawmakers' multibillion-dollar transportation plan, saying the bill doesn't put enough money into transit projects.