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Infrastructure in the News 6.19.2017



WTOP: Md. leaders working on their own Metro funding plan (Sec. LaHood Mentioned)

A group of Maryland lawmakers are working on their own proposals for major changes to Metro that would be required before the transit agency gets any more dedicated taxpayer dollars.




Bloomberg BNA: Appropriators Share Misgivings About Transportation Budget

Appropriators on both sides of the aisle expressed misgivings about transportation cuts, air traffic control changes, and funding for the infrastructure plan included in the White House’s proposed fiscal 2018 budget during a subcommittee hearing June 15.


Business Insider: US infrastructure is falling apart — here's a look at how terrible things have become

America's infrastructure is in dire need of repairs.


Reuters: U.S. Won't Rush Air Traffic Control Privatization, Focus on Smooth Transition

The United States will not rush the proposed privatization of its air traffic control system to ensure a smooth transition for travelers, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told Reuters on Monday at the Paris Airshow.


Salon: Opinion: Trump is selling a privatization scam and calling it an infrastructure plan

President Trump’s original proposal for a $1 trillion infrastructure jobs plan was, in principle, a worthy idea, a practical way to create jobs and improve the country’s highways, bridges, railways, and airports. In reality, Trump’s jobs agenda is a sham that does not involve a trillion dollars, won’t do much for the country’s infrastructure and won’t create many jobs.


USA Today: Are the roads ready for self-driving cars?

Self-driving cars could be on our roads in just 5 years. USA TODAY's Chris Woodyard takes a look at what it's going to take to get the roads ready.


Washington Examiner: Lawmakers grapple with how to build from Trump's 'infrastructure week'

After President Trump's "infrastructure week" was widely mocked among media members, some politicians, lawmakers and advocates who are serious about wanting to see the nation's roads and bridges improved are grappling with how to move forward.



Brainerd Dispatch: MnDOT, DEED call for cities to apply for infrastructure grants

Minnesota cities, counties and other government entities can apply for matching funds for transportation infrastructure projects that support economic development.


Commercial Observer: At CO Infrastructure Event, Former MTA Official Says Agency Needs $35B to Fix Subway

Every single New Yorker who relies on the subway system knows that much of its 840 miles of track are outdated, having being constructed in the early decades of the 20th century and rarely updated. In the past two weeks alone, an F train full of passengers lost power and stalled underground for 45 minutes during the evening rush, and a massive water main break in the South Bronx flooded a 6 train station and affected the entire line for hours.


Indianapolis: Mike Pence's infrastructure mess: What went wrong with I-69?

At first, it sounded like a good idea: Indiana would use a public-private partnership to extend I-69 from Bloomington to Martinsville, relying on private sector ingenuity to bring it in on time and under budget.


Lehigh Valley Business: Outdated, lack of infrastructure curb growth of wind power

Wind energy’s biggest expansion hurdle is not a lack of supply or demand. Or even local wildlife.


New York Times: Penn Station Commuters Plot Plan B for ‘Summer of Hell’

The train schedules are set. Commuters have been warned. Now the hard part begins.


Wall Street Journal: NYC Mayor Ratchets Up Subway Pitch

For months, as millions of New Yorkers descended into the subway braving spiraling delays and nightmarish commutes, Mayor Bill de Blasio was talking ferries. (Full Text After State News)


Washington Post: Md. lawmakers have plan to remake Metro and let each jurisdiction decide how to pay for it

Ten Maryland legislators are proposing a radical overhaul of Metro’s board and a flexible, equitably shared funding plan that would yield the $500 million in dedicated funding proposed by Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld.


Washington Post: It’s about to get more expensive to ride the bus

If you ride Metrobus or many of the Washington region’s other bus systems, it’s going to cost you more starting next weekend.


Wall Street Journal: NYC Mayor Ratchets Up Subway Pitch