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Fuel wasted sitting in traffic reached a total of 3.3 billion gallons in 2018 – up from 500 million gallons in 1982.
Public transit reduces gas consumption by 4.1 billion gallons each year.
Rail ridership is up 60% since 1997.
A report on 2019 capital needs conducted by Airports Council International – North America found that airports, including both commercial and general aviation, require more than $128 billion in infrastructure upgrades by 2023, with more than 54% of these needs inside aging terminals.  This is a 28.3% increase in funding needs from its 2017 report.
Over the next 20 years, 94% of the nation’s economic growth will occur in metropolitan areas.
Only three U.S. ports (Norfolk, Baltimore and Miami) are dredged deep enough to accommodate the post-Panamax ships that will become the norm when the newly widened Panama Canal opens.
By 2030 post-Panamax ships will account for 62 percent of the capacity of the world’s container fleet.
In 2011, the freight transported in America was 17.6 billion tons, with 64 percent by truck, and freight ton miles are expected to grow 72 percent from 2015 to 2040.
Since 1950, the population of the United States more than doubled but the road system grew only from 3.3 million miles to more than 4.1 million miles.
The highway and bridge backlog required to restore the system to the level of condition and performance required to meet today’s demand is $836 billion.
The quality of U.S. road infrastructure ranks 17th in the world behind such countries as Singapore.  This is up from 11th in 2018.
The quality of U.S. air infrastructure ranks 9th in the world behind such countries as Finland and Denmark.